Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Weird War Tales #47: "The Warrior"

Download Weird War Tales #47

Twilight of the Gods Dept.
For those of you not familiar with Ricardo Villamonte's work, Weird War Tales' "The Warrior" is a real treat and these beautiful illustrations are typical of Villamonte's artwork—not the exception! Those of you who picked up DC Comics' Beowulf, Dragon Slayer, back in the 1970s like I did, already know this to be true. "Warrior" was masterfully written by Jack Oleck and this one is a good'un. I invite you to enjoy as I once did!

Here's some Viking music to get ya in the mood to read this story:

Download Bathory's Hammerheart MP3


Mykal Banta said...

OW: Wow, what a great title WWT was! I am a big fan of Villamonte's work, and this is a perfect example. Stunning and, as you say, pretty much typical of his stuff. I think I have something from him kicking around somewhere in, of course, WWT.

Man, just look at that splash page. WWT had more than its fair share of standout first panels, but even for this title, this is steller.

And the writing matches the art. Great post!!

The Old Warrior said...

Thank you, Mykal, and I couldn't agree with you more when it comes to Weird War Tales!

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