Saturday, November 20, 2010

UFO Flying Saucers #4: "The Mississippi Mystery"

Download UFO Flying Saucers #4

While I am an extreme skeptic and have never seen one, I believe that UFOs exist. After all, it is rather difficult to believe the entire nation experienced a mass hallucination in 1952 when these objects were flying over the U.S. Capitol for the whole world to see (see video). Recently, I was surprised while watching a televised documentary on UFOs where a Department of Defense spokesman said that contrary to popular belief they do not claim UFOs don't exist, but they do say that they pose no danger to the general public. That admission seriously raised my eyebrows. While I've never been a "UFO buff" by any stretch, even at a very young age I wondered, what are these things? I picked up this comic book back when I was a kid in response to that curiosity.


Mitchell said...

I swipe from these comics all the time. Just hop over to my blog and see ( hahaha )Pure retro gold this stuff! Nice post!

The Battler said...

Ha ha! There's nothing wrong with that and I took a peek at your blog—you're good!

Thank you for dropping by and for the kind comment!

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