Monday, November 15, 2010

Weird War Tales #27: "The Veteran"

Download Weird War Tales #27

Luis Dominguez illustrated one of my favorite covers for Weird War Tales. Years ago back in the the 1970s, one of my best friends brought this issue to our fourth grade class one day and I loved it so much I rushed out and bought a copy for myself, but I was disappointed with the submarine story inside. Much better is "The Veteran," with a script by Jack Oleck, pencils by Paul Kirchner and inks by Tex Blaisdell.


buzz said...

Isn't this based on an old EC WEIRD SCIENCE-FANTASY story?

The Battler said...

Sorry for the delayed reply, Buzz, but I have been going through my reprint copies of Weird Science-Fantasy and haven't stumbled across a story similar to this one yet. However, please understand that my personal collection is incomplete, but now that you mention it I do seem to recall that I read an EC story like this somewhere and years ago—I just don't recall where!

If anyone out there knows, please let us know, too!

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