Monday, November 8, 2010

Space Family Robinson #46: "War in Space"

Download Space Family Robinson #46

Contrary to popular assumption, Gold Key Comics' original series predates the Lost in Space television series by roughly three years. According to Wikipedia: "
Space Family Robinson was published as a total of 59 issues, from 1962 to 1984. The first issue was published in December 1962. With issue #15 (January, 1966), the 'Lost in Space' title was added to the cover. The title was cancelled with #36 (October, 1969). It would then be brought back in October, 1973, in part due to the popularity of Star Trek. At this point, most issues between #37 and #49 had the tag 'On Space Station One' added as well."

"The comic was created by writer Del Connell and artist Dan Spiegle. Gaylord Du Bois became the sole writer of Space Family Robinson once he began chronicling the Robinsons' adventures with Peril on Planet Four in issue #8. As was typical of Gold Key's adventure comics, all cover-art was painted."


Cover painting: George Wilson
Gaylord DuBois
Pencils and inks:
Dan Spiegle


Mykal said...

Great stuff! You can never go wrong with Spiegle's work on this title!

The Old Warrior said...

So true, Mykal, so true! Believe it or not, I stumbled across this particular issue on the ground at an open concert and have loved the series ever since!

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