Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Warrior #13: "The Shroud, The Spire and the Stars"

Download Warrior #13

If there was a list of Ten Most Underrated British Artists in American Comics, John Ridgeway's name would be near the top. As Wikipedia obliquely points out: "Ridgway's work is immediately distinctive for its unusual realism coupled with a delicate pencil line."

Ridgway has been responsible for creating the look for a number of series, including Hellblazer.

Written by Steve Parkhouse, I first stumbled across this short science fiction tale in Axel Pressbutton #3 (pictured at top) and in glorious full color, but sometimes you lose something when you color over beautiful line work and John Ridgeway's art is indeed something incredible to behold. The subject matter might be too much for some, but I would have enjoyed a continuation of this story in a later issue.

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