Saturday, June 19, 2010

Anything Goes! #2: "In Pictopia!"

Download Anything Goes! #2

"Once, I used to dream about moving to the color section uptown, just for a few dawns and sunsets, but I know it'll never happen. Only superheroes can afford to live in color."

If you haven't caught on to the sheer genius of Alan Moore's writing yet, "In Pictopia" may be the story that will cause you to experience that special epiphany as it is a brilliant piece of wordsmithing. "Pictopia" is nicely drawn by Don Simpson of Megaton Man and Border Worlds fame. Moore's commentary on the state of the comic book industry and the so-called "grittiness" or the "dark new direction" of comic books in the 1980s is both spot on and an enjoyable read. "Pictopia" is a must, MUST, MUST read!


Mykal Banta said...

"All I wanted was funnytown and its endless consolation. But there wasn't any consoloation."

That's it, for sure, Mr. Moore!

OW: Moore's one of the finest writers that ever worked in the medium. From Hell is the zenith of the scripter's art in comics.

Hugh said...

Very cool.

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