Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Axel Pressbutton #2: Warpsmiths of Hod in "Cold War, Cold Warrior"

Download Axel Pressbutton #2

"We are the Warpsmiths of Hod... we are the power that cannot be imagined."

"Cold War, Cold Warrior" is my favorite comic book story of all time—it has been so since 1984. Don't ask me to elaborate too much as to why, but everything about this short science fiction story hit me just right when I read it and it's been tops ever since. In my opinion, this is the only story that rivals Saga of the Swamp Thing #32 (my second favorite comic book story) for sheer quality. Published by Eclipse Comics, this is a color reprint from British black-and-white Warrior magazines #9 & #10, which was written by Alan Moore and beautifully illustrated by Garry Leach.


Cover: Dave Gibbons
Script: Alan Moore
Pencils: Gary Leach
Inks: Gary Leach
Colors: Gary Leach
Letters: Gary Leach

  • from Warrior (Quality Communications, 1982 series) #9
  • from Warrior (Quality Communications, 1982 series) #10

Surprise bonus download: Hellfire #1, which contains a six-page interview with Gary Leach and Alan Moore.

Download Hellfire #1

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