Saturday, July 3, 2010

A1 Book #1: Warpsmiths of Hod in "Ghostdance"

Download A1 Book 1 "Ghostdance"

The Warpsmiths of Hod were created by Alan Moore when he was a teenager for a small publication by an arts lab in his native Northampton, England. He and artist Garry Leach expanded on the characters for the UK magazine Warrior, and figuring into a fictional timeline and universe developed by Alan Moore and Steve Moore (no relation), the Warpsmiths only appeared in two stories before the end of Warrior. The first appearance of a Warpsmith was in the 1982 Warrior 4# or "Summer Special," which can be read online by clicking here. Leach retained ownership of the characters, and lent them to Moore's series Marvleman and later Miracleman (which Leach had illustrated earlier in Warrior) in which they became a major part of the story, with art by John Totleben based on Leach's designs. In 1989, Leach began a new anthology title, A1, the first issue of which included the Warpsmith short story "Ghost Dance," which was written by Alan Moore. Subsequent issues would feature stories by other writers.

In this story, the Warpsmiths mourn one of their dead and contemplate the meaning of life, the universe, and everything.

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