Friday, November 20, 2009

Ghostly Haunts #38: "The Weirdest Character I've Ever Known!"

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This story is one of those flawless gems from Charlton Comics that Tom Sutton drew back in the 1970s, which I fondly remember to this day. Aside from the very nice art, the story is damn clever and downright humorous for a horror anthology. This is also an example of how the prolific Joe Gill could turn out the well-written story when he knew he had a top-notch artist to draw it, but this title had a good reputation for telling memorable horror tales.

So how was it that Charlton managed to publish so many memorable stories in this one title? While some people have commented that while Charlton's very low page-rates would hardly inspire creators to perform their best work, others still have speculated that the reason for Ghostly Haunts' quality stories was that the Comics Code Authority considered the title to be so obscure that they gave the title Comics Code approval without even reading the material submitted. In any event, the title canceled shortly after Ghostly Haunts #58 (April 1978) was published.


Script: Joe Gill
Pencils: Tom Sutton
Inks: Tom Sutton

  • in Ghost Manor (Charlton, 1971 series) #76
  • in Mammoth Book Of Best Horror Comics, The (Running Press Book Publishers, 2008 series) #[nn]

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