Monday, November 2, 2009

Korak, Son of Tarzan #59: "School for Slaughter"

Download Korak Son of Tarzan #59

Tarzan's son made his earliest appearance in comic books in 1940, when Comics on Parade began serializing the newspaper-strip adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs's The Son of Tarzan. Nearly two and a half decades later, Dell Comics got around to publishing a Korak, Son of Tarzan comic book. Art was by Russ Manning and Warren Tufts. That was published between 1964 and 1972. DC Comics took over the title but stuck with it for only fourteen issues. Joe Kubert provided all the covers, and Frank Throne was the first artist.

On a personal note, this particular issue is the best Korak story that I have ever read, which is only underscored by the fact that Joe Kubert scripted it. While this story was nicely illustrated by Rudy Florese, the back up story contains stunning art by Russ Manning.


Cover: Joe Kubert
Script: Joe Kubert
Pencils: Rudy Florese
Inks: Rudy Florese

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