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Comix International #3: Dax the Damned in "Chess"

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In a period of time before recorded history, a great hero of that era struggles for survival in a savage world. It's a world filled with hideous monsters, beautiful women, and dark sorcery. Though a great and noble hero, Dax is damned to meet a most unpleasant fate in the end. This fondly remembered and long-running series is the creation of the great Spanish artist Esteban Maroto.

Born in Madrid, Maroto began his career in the 1960s with series like Cinco por infinito, published in English by Continuity Comics as "Zero Patrol, which was heavily retouched by editor Neal Adams.

Maroto joined Warren Publishing in November 1971 when artists from the Spanish agency Selleciones Illustrada started appearing in the their three horror magazines, Creepy, Eerie and Vampirella. Maroto's first story, "Wolfhunt", appeared in Vampirella #14. Maroto quickly became one of the most well known and critically acclaimed Spanish artists at Warren. He would eventually draw 101 stories for them, more than any other artist except Jose Ortiz. Maroto won
the Warren Award for best artist/writer in 1972, and his story "A Scream in the Forest" won the best art in a story award in 1973. Maroto remained with Warren until its folding in 1983.

Two of Maroto's series were reprinted in Eerie and Vampirella. Manly, renamed Dax the Warrior, was reprinted in issues 39-41, 43-50 and 52 of Eerie. All of issue 59 was dedicated to Dax, which reprinted again the majority of these stories. His series Tomb of the Gods was reprinted in Vampirella issues 17 through 22.

He also contributed black-and-white illustrations for the Roger Zelazny book Changeling and Larry Niven's The Magic Goes Away.


Script: Esteban Maroto
Pencils: Esteban Maroto
Inks: Esteban Maroto

  • from Eerie (Warren, 1966 series) #41 (August 1972).
  • in Eerie (Warren, 1966 series) #59 (August 1974).

Special surprise bonus download: Xotica, the Art of Esteban Maroto

Download Xotica: The art of Esteban Maroto

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