Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mystery Comics Digest #18: "Mars: Dead Or Alive"

Download Mystery Comics Digest #18

Submitted for your approval and disposition: Western Publishing published a Twilight Zone comic book, first under their Dell Comics imprint for 4 issues, one in 1961 and 3 further issues in 1962, with the first two published as part of their long running Four Color anthology series as issue numbers 1173 and 1288, and then two further one shots numbered separately in Dell's unique fashion as 01-860-207 and 12-860-210 (numbered as 01-860-210 on the inside) respectively. Western then restarted the series under their Gold Key imprint with a formal issue #1, which ran 92 issues from 1962 to 1979, with the final issue being published in 1982.

Several of the stories would be reprinted in their Mystery Comics Digest, which mentioned the title on the covers. A wide range of artists worked on the title, including Jack Sparling, Reed Crandall, Lee Elias, George Evans, Russ Jones, Joe Orlando, Jerry Robinson, Mike Sekowsky, Dan Spiegle, Frank Thorne and Alex Toth.

I originally read "Mars: Dead or Alive" in Mystery Comics Digest #18, which I obtained after begging my mother to buy it for me in Rexall's Drug Store. Unfortunately, my scanned copy is incomplete, but don''t worry as this story is included in the download. I don't know who scripted "Mars," but Nevio Zaccara penciled and inked this surprisingly well told science fiction tale. One must overlook the fact that it would probably take years for a manned spacecraft to reach the planet Mars, but at least the story forces one to think. I sincerely hope that you enjoy this as I did when I was ten years old way back in July of 1974, which was the mag's publication date.


Cover painting: George Wilson
Script: Unknown
Pencils: Nevio Zeccara
Inks: Nevio Zeccara

  • from Twilight Zone (Gold Key, 1962 series) #17 (September 1966)

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