Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Crypt of Shadows #15: "My Coffin is Crowded" (Bob Fujitani art)

Download Crypt of Shadows #15

It was while using the pen name Bob Fuje in the 1940s that Bob Fujitani did some of his best, as well as some of his most gruesome, drawing in comic books. His art credits for that period include Shock Gibson, Cat-Man, The Black Condor, Hack O'Hara, Sky Wolf, The Zebra, and Hangman. He'd first worked on the latter character when assisting the earlier artist Harry Lucey. Appearing in Pep Comics, Hamgman dealt with some of the nastiest and most bloodthirsty criminals of the era. Fujitani did them all justice, especially the ones who had a tendency to drool while at their work. He was also a regular contributor to Lev Gleason's Crime Does Not Pay and contributed to the pioneering but short-lived horror comic Eerie.

Later on, using a milder and more subdued style, he drew such things as Dr. Solar. He was the first artist on a comic strip titled Judge Wright in the middle 1940s and from the middle 1960s to the middle 1980s he ghosted the Flash Gordon strip.

Script: unknown.
Pencils and inks: Bob Fujitani.
  • from Suspense (Marvel, 1949 series) #16 (pictured inset).
  • in Crypt of Shadows (Marvel, 1973 series) #15 (January 1975).

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