Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Alien Encounters #2: "The Resistance"

Download Alien Encounters #02

By the time this one was published, I was thoroughly enjoying my second love affair with my comic book reading hobby and it felt like I was on Cloud 9. Despite the fact that I was no longer a kid, comic book companies were enjoying a renaissance, comic book shops were seemingly everywhere, and I had money to burnand I was lovin' it.

While this was no DC Comics' Strange Adventures or Marvel Comics' Weird Wonder Tales, this was a short story that I thought was both clever and visually appealing and a nice addition to the sequential art and Science Fiction genre. I do not care much for the rest of Alien Encounters #2's contents, but I will hazard to guess that this story's message is one of perspective.

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=link said...

Mmm, the illustration is lovely, isn't it? The forms of the ships/beings are so well done, and the way the illustrator moves these forms thru the paces of the narrative, and frames them so artfully with his layout, is so sophisticated.

I'm surprised we never saw more comics by this fellow, but with his skill, he prbly found something more rewarding than plain old comics. It is a tough field to work in, at any rate, so he's better off! But just imagine if he had gotten a book at DC or Marvel of the day. What might he have done?!?!?

Thanks for sharing this with us.


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