Saturday, January 16, 2010

Weird Wonder Tales #15: "The Man Who Owned The World!"

Download Weird Wonder Tales #15

Tom Sutton comes up with a nifty story in Weird Wonder Tales #15 about a selfish multibillionaire who is financing his survival by investing in suspended animation technology because the earth's atmosphere is rapidly disintegrating and he wants to cryo-sleep his way through the crisis, but all the while his attitude is that the world can go hang itself. However, when he wakes up in the year 2035 he finds a world that... aw, I can't spoil it and tell ya! Take a gander and find out for yourselves!!


rogue evolent said...

Warrior! Cool blog and wonderful selections that you've posted. I've always loved Sutton's art, and this story is really great. I like the weird panel configurations!
Oh, and your Cover Gallery (see side bar to right) is a real blast from the past.
I'm glad I found your blog.
your pal,

The Old Warrior said...

Hi again, Rogue Evolent! I am glad that you found this blog, too. I plan to upload every comic book found with a cover on the right and please stick around for more ;-]

Robert McKinney said...

I vaguely remember reading this one years ago. My memory of it was so vague that I could have sworn it was drawn by Gene Colan. :-)

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