Sunday, January 3, 2010

Weird Wonder Tales #14: "Evil Is A Baaaaad Scene!!"

Download Weird Wonder Tales #14

I used to pick up the occasional issue of Weird Wonder Tales for their horror and science fiction stories and issue #14 stands out in my memory as being one of the most enjoyable. It starts out with the Satanic "Evil Is A Baaaaad Scene," which was written by Allyn Brodsky and drawn by Don Heck. The story involves a vindictive practitioner of the mystic arts who recruits a couple of unwitting hippies in a supernatural power grab, but of course things don't work out as the protagonist planned and I thought the ending was pretty damn clever. The only other story worth mentioning is "The Man Who Couldn't Be Touched," which involves a scientist with foreknowledge of World War III's imminent outbreak and he erects an impenetrable force field between himself and the rest of the world as war rages outside. When he finally lowers the barrier years later, he finds himself in an Utopian world and the human race has discovered the secret of biological immortality. However, there's a catch... but you'll have to read it to find out.

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