Friday, December 25, 2009

Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #388: "Gladstone's Usual Very Good Year"

Download Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #388

Walt Disney's Comics and Stories
#388 was the very first comic book that I owned—
ever. It was given to me by my parents when I was a small child as a Christmas stocking stuffer and I still own it to this very day—rips, tears, creases and all. This particular issue features "Gladstone's Usual Very Good Year," which is one of the best Donald Duck stories that I have ever read and I am not just saying that due to a nostalgic bias. Of course, the fact that this was written by the near-legendary Carl Barks, as I would learn later in life, had everything to do with the story's high quality.


Cover: Larry Mayer
Script: Carl Barks
Pencils: Carl Barks
Inks: Carl Barks

  • from Walt Disney's Comics and Stories (Dell, 1940 series) #136 (January 1952)

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Mykal said...

OW: Great Post. I love Barks at Christmas, and there are so many great Barks' touches here, like that porcupine and beautiful plot structure where everything is revealed and all characters have depth; and their personalities mesh perfectly toward a happy conclusion without ever being out of character. Amazing. Plus, Gladstone Gander is my favorite of the Barks' creations. -- Mykal

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