Saturday, December 19, 2009

Secrets of Haunted House #5: "The Stars, Like Pallbearers"

Download Secrets of Haunted House #5

Perhaps I should have uploaded this one on Halloween considering the cover art, but hindsight is always 20/20. This story is similar to the last post in that the protagonist is forced to match wits with a vampire in space. Either way, I thought this story was very good.

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=link said...

what an unusual--and pleasing--combination of old and new styles--chua and draut. Draut was a classic comic minimalist, with enough skill that he once inked Neal Adams for an issue of Phantom Stranger, with happy results! His style was unchanged since the 1950s and he resembled a dozen comic clones, the Republicans of comic art styles. His careful conservative linework never erred--if it never soared. And to see his inks on Ernie Chua, was delightful, as Chua tended to be overdecorative, in that lush Philippine manner--wonderful in its own right, but how nice to see it stripped down to essentials.

Nice choice, and thank you!

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