Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Weird War Tales #16: "The Conquerors"

Download Weird War Tales #16

"Oh, Earth fought back. Man flung his defiance skyward! But it was a hopeless defiance. The defiance of the doomed!"

Space head time, fellow travelers, as we shift gears to science fiction. This was the very first issue of Weird War Tales that I ever bought and, after reading "The Conquerors" by Jack Oleck and Alex Nino, I decided to stick around for several dozen more issues. Give this one a read and I think you'll see why.


Script: Jack Oleck
Pencils: Alex Nino
Inks: Alex Nino


PB210 said...

Thanks for posting Weird War Tales#16's "The Conquerors". They actually stole that plot (extraterrestrial invaders conquer Earth then unwittingly face Earth's vampires) from a prose short story reprinted in Weird Vampire Tales.

This raises the question; how come other planets did not have vampires? (On Earth-616 Chthon played a part in the emergence of vampires.)

PB210 said...

Joe L. Hensley wrote the short story "And Not Quite Human" about twenty years before that Weird War Tales story, and it featured the same plot of extraterrestrial invaders unleashing vampires unwittingly, right down to the idea of the fires resulting from the invasion destroying the stakes.

=link said...

Please, who is "Chthon" and where was Joe L. Hensley's story pub'd? Such fascinating tidbits--I must know more!

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