Thursday, April 1, 2010

Creepy #65: "Star Slaughter"

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Ramon Torrents was born in Barcelona, Spain in 1937. He began his career drawing for the comic Space Ace. He later worked on Fleetway romance comics like Marilyn and True Life Library. He worked with Esteban Maroto on Cinco x Infinito in the late 1960s. Through his connections with Selleciones Illustrada, Torrents began working for Warren Publishing in 1972. Torrents drew 42 stories with Warren and remained with the company until 1979. The majority of his work appeared in Vampirella, with approximately 8 stories done for Creepy and one story done for Eerie. Torrents drew primarily stand-alone stories except for a three part series titled Fleur and a single story where he drew Vampirella herself. Torrents also worked for Warren competitor Skywald for a period of time in the early 1970s. After leaving Warren, Torrents retired from the comic book industry.

Gor-117 is a robot soldier, whose job it is to kill. But even an android can feel, as the all-powerful mechanism decides that murder is wrong.

The story of tormented Gor-117 was written by Richard Margopoulos and the beautiful and flashy art is by Ramon Torrents. Now this is how black and white art should be done!


Script: Rich Margopoulos
Pencils: Ramon Torrents
Inks: Ramon Torrents

  • in Galactic Wars Comix (Warren, 1978 series) #nn (December 1978).
  • from Creepy (March 1973) #51

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