Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hawkmoon, The Jewel in the Skull #2: Part Two of Four

Download Hawkmoon, The Jewel in the Skull #2

Hawkmoon is sent to The Kamarg (a future version of the southern French region of Camargue) to perform reconnaissance prior to invasion. The black jewel transmits (and may record) all that Hawkmoon sees to Granbretan's capital, Londra. Temporarily freed from the curse of the jewel by The Kamarg's Protector, a grizzled warlord called Count Brass, he falls in love with the Count's daughter, Yisselda, and embarks on a quest to find and implement the will of the Runestaff, a magical item which preserves the Cosmic Balance. During his adventures, he has to collect two more magical items; the Red Amulet held by a mad god somewhere in future Ukraine, and the Sword of the Dawn, winning many battles in which he is hopelessly outnumbered, but helped by loyal companions, by mysterious allies who arrive in the nick of time, and by dissension, scheming and treachery in the ranks of his foes.


Script: Gerry Conway
Pencils: Rafael Kayanan
Inks: Alfredo Alcala
Colors: Tom Luth
Letters: Bill Pearson

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