Monday, March 28, 2011

Hawkmoon, The Jewel in the Skull #4: Part Four of Four

Download Hawkmoon, The Jewel in the Skull #4

Hawkmoon's struggle with the empire of Granbretan was treated in The History of the Runestaff, which consists of four books ("The Jewel in the Skull", "The Mad God's Amulet", "The Sword of the Dawn", and "The Runestaff"); the setting of this tale is a post-holocaust Earth.

Hawkmoon later returned as the main character of a sequel trilogy, the Chronicles of Count Brass ("Count Brass", "The Champion of Garathorm", and "The Quest for Tanelorn") that branched out into Moorcock's Multiverse proper. The second Hawkmoon series brought the Eternal Champion cycle to a conclusion of sorts—though not exactly a finale, as subsequent Eternal Champion books show.


Furman said...

Me love Kayanan's work, although I always prefer it when he inks (and even colors) himself.

The Executioner said...

This miniseries was my introduction to Rafael Kayanan's work and it blew me away back then and it still does to this day. Even more fortunate was the the fact that I also loved the Michael Moorcock "Jewel in the Skull" story he illustrated, which was icing on the cake for me.

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