Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dagar The Invincible #16: "Valley of the Dead"

Download Dagar the Invincible #16

With just over ten years in the business, Dagar was a moderately successful barbarian. He first set up shop in Tales of Sword and Sorcery Dagar the Invincible #1. Dagar was the invention of writer Don Glut, a Texan who is probably best known for his novelized adaption of Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, and illustrator Jesse Santos. When Glut wasn't writing for the comic book companies, he was reading them or making amateur films, which included unauthorized adaptations of such characters as Superman, The Spirit, and Spider-Man. Glut was much influenced by such authors as Edgar Rice Burroughs and H. P. Lovecraft. The sword-and-sorcery facet of his work "must have been mostly (if not entirely) my friend Roy Thomas, because I didn’t particularly like the sword-and-sorcery genre and hadn’t really read much or even any of it, other than what was coming out then in the comic books," explains Glut, "or the occasional sword-and-sorcery story that had appeared before Marvel’s Conan book in the black-and-white comic magazines."

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Script: Don Glut
Pencils: Jesse Santos
Inks: Jesse Santos

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