Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Huntress #2: "Breaking Cover"

Download The Huntress v1 #2

Huntress v1 #2
is part two in a four-issue miniseries. This series contains not only a fascinating character with one of the most attractive costumes in all of comic bookdom, but also both great story and art, which seemed a rare combination to me during the mid-1990s. Michael Netzer's strikingly beautiful and highly stylized art gives The Huntress an almost film noir feel to the entire series, which lends itself well to this dark character.

The Huntress has much in common with Batman: as children, both lost their parents through senseless violence and both adopted costumed identities to become avengers of the night. The huntress, however, exhibits a violent ruthlessness that is a perennial irritant to the Dark Knight. This temperamental failing has prevented Batman from giving the Huntress his official sanction.

Script: Chuck Dixon
Pencils and inks:
Michael Netzer
Pat Garrahy
Tim Harkins

Click here to read The Huntress v1 #1
Click here to read The Huntress v1 #3
Click here to read The Huntress v1 #4


Mykal said...

At the very least - interesting. As you say, something unique from the generic 90s.

The Battler said...

Sorry for the delayed reply, Mykal, but I had my blog on autopilot for the last two days and used that handy schedule function while busy elsewhere. I returned to upload issue #4 to the surprise that Huntress #1 soared past all previous posts to become #1 in popularity.

I just find peoples' taste in comic books interesting, but thank you for stopping by and sharing your point of view, too ;-]

Michael Netzer said...

Tom Spurgeon at the comics reporter carried a link to it on Dec 9.

And another one today for issue 4.

which likely explains the popularity.

The series seemed to fall between the cracks and hasn't been collected in a TPB so it's not well known.

Frank Miller wrote a response to it and to Jim Lee and Tim Sale saying we should stop copying him.

But Frank is young and had likely not seen my story in Hot Stuff #6

where I worked in a similar style nearly 15 years before Sin City.

And I truly love Sin City, story and art.

Many thanks again for posting.

Mykal said...

Frank Miller bitching about someone copying his art. Now that's funny.

The Battler said...

Mykal: I know! How's that old saying go? I think it's "When confronting something like this you have two choices: you can either laugh or cry. I choose to laugh."

Mr. Netzer: I love your artistic wizardry in Huntress #1-4 and cherish my copies like I do my old Neal Adams comic books. I am very flattered that you took the time out of your schedule to stop by and comment on my humble Web log.

Also, I've had The Comics Reporter (and even John Byrne) link to my blog in the past and cause the stats to skyrocket, but your Huntress #1 has three times the viewings than that of the comic book in second place, which is unheard of on my blog and that tells me the fans just plain love your comic work! I know that I do, and I think I might have that copy of Hotstuff in my collection... I'll check!

Thank you both for stopping by and leaving such nice comments!

Michael Netzer said...

Your love for the art form and work shows in the blogs, Battler. The extra effort to enhance the scans gives beautiful results and this series looks better here than it did in print. It's been a while since it's been referenced and it couldn't have been done better. I hope to post links to it in my galleries asap.

Many thanks for all this and the very kind and uplifting words.

oddiz27 said...

wow. talent and a nice guy.
reading this post just made my month.
the very best to all of you.

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