Sunday, December 5, 2010

Zero Patrol #1: (Esteban Maroto art)

Download Zero Patrol #1

Download Legionarios Del Espacio #1

When Neal Adams was living in New York, he spent a certain amount of his time in Harlem and in Spanish Harlem. His reason for travelling from Brooklyn to Harlem was simple curiosity. Two of the things he discovered there were a comic magazine called Delta 99, and a comic magazine called Legionarios Del Espacio, or Legionnaires of Space. Sometimes, the second magazine was also called Cinco Por El Infinito (Five For Infinity). Although Adams liked Delta 99, he loved Legionarios. Unfortunately, Legionarios has always appeared in Spanish, never in English.

As years went by, the artist of the feature, Esteban Maroto, went on to other features and other projects, and some of them... many of them... have appeared in American magazines. Esteban Maroto has become known to an American audience, but never have Americans seen his early work.

This, then, is Legionarios Del Espacio, updated a little because much time has gone by.


Script: Esteban Maroto; (additional touches by Neal Adams)
Pencils: Esteban Maroto; (additional touches by Neal Adams)
Inks: Esteban Maroto; (additional touches by Neal Adams)

  • in Zero Patrol (Continuity, 1987 series) #1.


Rodrigo Baeza said...

Thanks for posting this, I hadn't seen this version. The name is Maroto (not "Moroto"), btw.

Neal Adams also reprinted work by Spanish artist Carlos Giménez around that time, and I remember reading a Giménez interview in which he mentioned that he wasn't very pleased with Adams's rewritng.

The Battler said...

Yikes! This is embarrassing, but thank you so much for the correction, Rodrigo, and what gets me is that I knew better!

Anyway, if you click on "Esteban Maroto" in the "Tabs" section, it will take you to even more of his work in previous posts, but I do plan on uploading more of his work in the future, too.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Delta 99 and Five For Infinity, I have gotten black and white reprints in English from Australia, pre-Neal Adams touch-ups. The materioal is much better without Adms touchups to my viewpoint, but that is just my opinion. Google Australian Dc Reprints nd go to the site. Look for examples 5 and the Infinite and Planet of the Spirits for info.

The Executioner said...

In my opinion, you can't go wrong with either Neal Adams or Esteban Maroto or any combination of the two artists, but that's just my two cents. Check out Conan Saga #31 if you'd like to see Adams inking Maroto.

Many thanks for the heads up on the Australian reprints, too!

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