Monday, December 6, 2010

Zero Patrol #2: (Esteban Maroto art)

Download Zero Patrol #2

Download Legionarios Del Espacio #2

Zero Patrol
is an adaptation of Esteban Maroto's 30-year old action/adventure series originally published in Spanish under the title "Cinco Por Infinito" ("Five For Infinity"). Neal Adams reworked some of the panels and story elements and re-dialogued the series to come up with a somewhat new story.

The Zero Patrol consists of five people whose lives are altered when they are endowed with extra-normal powers and abilities; they become intergalactic guardians who travel among the stars, saving damsels in distress and planets from destruction. The five characters include an ex-CIA agent, a Reed Richards "brainy" type, a psychic, and a pop star. The Grand Comics Database says the following about this series: reprinted from "Legionarios del Espacio" (alternate title "Cinco por el Infinito"). The original work was by Esteban Maroto with some changes made by Neal Adams.


Script: Esteban Maroto; (additional touches by Neal Adams)
Pencils: Esteban Maroto; (additional touches by Neal Adams)
Inks: Esteban Maroto; (additional touches by Neal Adams)

  • in Zero Patrol (Continuity, 1987 series) #1.

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