Monday, December 20, 2010

DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest #24: "The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of"

Download DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest #24

A gifted and creative artist who never got into a stylistic rut, Alex Toth broke into comic books in 1947. Among the many great features he's drawn in his long and varied career are The Green Lantern, Rip Hunter: Time Master, The Black Canary, Zorro, Bravo for Adventure, and Torpedo 1936. Toth was also a frequent contributor to such Warren black-and-white comics as Eerie and Creepy. Active in animation as well, he worked on such TV cartoon shows as Space Angel, Space Ghost, and Super Friends. In addition, he appeared regularly in CARtoons, Drag Cartoons, and Hot Rod Cartoons.

Born in New York City, Toth sold his first work to Heroic Comics in 1947. Moving from nonfiction to superhero fantasy, he went to work for editor Sheldon Mayer at the All-American branch of DC. He became the regular artist on The Green Lantern and also drew Dr. Mid-Nite and The Atom. When GL was phased out of All-American Comics, Toth illustrated the Wild West adventures of his successor, Johnny Thunder. At this point in his development, he was somewhat under the influence of such comic-strip artists as Milton Caniff, Noel Sickles, and Frank Robbins.

Script: Marv Wolfman
Pencils and inks: Alex Toth

  • from House of Secrets (DC, 1969 series) #83 (December 1969-January 1970).
  • in DC Special Blue Ribbon Digest (DC, 1980 series) #24 (August 1982).
  • in Showcase Presents: The House of Secrets (DC, 2008 series) #1.

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