Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Grimm's Ghost Stories #20: "Replacements"

Download Grimm's Ghost Stories #20

Torture, anyone? Published in November of 1974, Grimm's Ghost Stories #20 caught my eye on the spinner rack with that darkly beautiful cover painting and the interior art by Adolfo Buylla for "Replacements" didn't disappoint either. The remainder of the issue is okay, but this is the outstanding story and that's mostly all I upload here, which is one of the things that separates this blog from my other blogs: no second rate filler. Oh, I'll make an exception if a story's art is particularly good or if the story is sufficiently weird or obscure, but that's about it. Hey, I have some big name subscribers whose own blogs far outshine my own, so I must be doing something right and feel sufficiently and humbly flattered. Thank you!

Enough cheeky self-aggrandizing... enjoy!


Script: unknown
Pencils: Adolfo Buylla
Inks: Adolfo Buylla

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