Monday, September 27, 2010

Nexus v2 #7: "The Trialogue Trilogy Part II: The Bowl-Shaped World"

Download Nexus v2 #7

Despite Eagle Award nominations and widespread popularity, Nexus and Badger were thrust into limbo with the demise of Capital Comics. However, and beginning with this issue, they got a second chance at First. One of the most distinctive things about the Capital titles (and, ironically, one of the major factors in their demise) was their scrupulous, extremely high production values. Those of us paying attention to First's negotiations (via fanzines) for the defunct Capital titles worried that when they finally appeared, they might be scaled down to the less costly production values of their normal titles, but those fears proved to be groundless as First continued the titles in the same deluxe, photo-separated format.

As for the actual contents, the sparkling dialogue between Nexus, Badger and Judah alone makes this a joy to read, but beyond that we are treated to Badger explaining to Nexus and Co. that he was accidentally sent to his current locale by Ham the Weather Wizard. They travel across the planet together until they reach Tech City, where they trade for a spaceship. However, they don't get too far without some ups and downs along the way.

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Cover: Steve Rude
Script: Mike Baron
Pencils: Steve Rude
Inks: Steve Rude
Colors: Les Dorscheid
Letters: Mary Pulliam and Rick Taylor

  • In Nexus Legends (First, 1989 series) #7
  • In Nexus (Dark Horse, 1993 series) #2
  • In Nexus Archives (Dark Horse Books, 2005 series) #2

Special surprise download: an in-depth article on Nexus in Amazing Heroes #18

Download Amazing Heroes #18

Amazing Heroes was a magazine about the comic book medium published by Fantagraphics Books from 1981 to 1992. Unlike its companion title, The Comics Journal, Amazing Heroes was a hobbyist magazine rather than an analytical journal.

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