Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nexus v2 #8: "The Trialogue Trilogy Part III: Up and Out"

Download Nexus v2 #8

Created by writer Mike Baron and initially drawn by Jeffrey Butler, Norbert Sykes is a Viet Nam veteran who suffers from multiple personality disorder. One of those personae is a badger, a vigilante and martial arts expert who communicates with animals and swings between reason and psychosis.

Introduced in the first issue of his own title, the Badger is accompanied on his adventures by Ham, a 5th-century Welsh weather wizard with whom he escaped from a Wisconsin mental hospital. Traveling with them is Daisy Fields, their former psychiatrist who begins to wonder if either of them is really insane.

Launched by the short-lived Capital Comics, the series moved to First Comics—which also published a Badger Goes Berserk four-parter (1985) where it continued until #70 (1991).

With Baron at the helm, the character next starred in two 1994 Dark Horse miniseries before Image began publishing The Badger in 1997 as a black-and-white title, picking up the numbering with #78. The comic was canceled the same year with #81.


Cover: Steve Rude
Script: Mike Baron
Pencils: Steve Rude
Inks: Eric Shanower
Colors: Les Dorscheid
Letters: John Workman

  • In Nexus Legends (First, 1989 series) #8
  • In Nexus (Dark Horse, 1993 series) #2

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