Sunday, September 26, 2010

Nexus v2 #6: "The Trialogue Trilogy Part I: The Ultimate Bizarre Object"

Download Nexus v2 #6

I've been meaning to upload this trilogy for a while now and I have been neglecting the superhero genre, so here goes. After publishing Nexus #6, Capital Comics went belly up and First Comics picked up the publishing rights, as you'll notice next issue. In my opinion, this three-parter is Mike Baron and Steve Rude at their finest! I must caution you so that you don't expect the world as this first part is mostly a set-up and the next two issues contain the greatness that I speak of, but this is a trilogy. The Trialogue Trilogy is must-read if you love rip-snortin' adventure stories!

In this issue, Nexus and Judah Maccabee crash their ship on the weird bowl-shaped world. On their first night there the Badger drops in on them - literally!


Script: Mike Baron
Pencils: Steve Rude
Inks: Steve Rude
Colors: Les Dorscheid
Letters: Mary Pulliam

  • in Nexus (Dark Horse, 1993 series) #2

Special surprise download: interview with Steve "the dude" Rude in Sketch Magazine #34:

Download Sketch Magazine #34

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