Friday, September 17, 2010

Warrior #14: "Ektryn"

Download Warrior #14

"Wouldn't you rather die young, Ektryn? Wouldn't that be the best thing?"

I sought out this magazine published by our British cousins shortly after I discovered that Alan Moore's writing could be found inside, but there were good stories and art to be found by other creators, too. Steve Moore wrote this untitled Ektryn story (as Pedro Henry) while Cam Kennedy illustrated it, but I originally read this in the reprint book from Eclipse Comics called Axel Pressbutton #3 and in glorious full color, the cover of which can be seen by clicking here. This is an unusual tale, but I like unusual if it's good and this is good.

Ektryn is the fabled warrior woman of the planet Nagflar from whom the assassin Mysta Mystralis, Laser Eraser, was cloned. I will upload this story in color when opportunity presents itself, but Cam Kennedy's art is easy on the eyes either way. Enjoy!


Story: Steve Moore
Art: Cam Kennedy


Mykal Banta said...

Wow, what a great story. Scavenger blimps! Wow. This one surely has that highly-detailed "british" look, which I love. And the writing was all a great comic book story should be: a novel's worth of ideas and concepts (and plot) within a crisp 5 pages -without feeling a bit cramped!

The Old Warrior said...

Hi Mykal,

Many thanks for your patience as
I play catch-up with this blog, but isn't that an especially great story?

This story bursts at the seams with more ideas and plot twists than most stories ten times its length, so I couldn't agree with you more. Ditto on the art, too!

Warmest regards,


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